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Why Not

11:40 am…

Seating here…

I am…

(The Clock ticks)

Pen to paper

Thoughts to mind

Things we do

Things we don’t do

Lord…How do I know

I am living through

Coffee to feed the brain

Social media

And a morning lost in vain

Sure I am a sinner

The Hero of a Vilain

You see, we all will taste what’s bad

After being happy it comes sad

And the waves they crash into the shore

Bigger the swell…harder they hit

Be sure to live fit

You never know

You might have to run for dear life one day

And for that you don’t wanna give up

Shall the light always cut through the dark

My time or your time

Just leave good behind

So to any sorrows you carry

Say I am sorry

Primarily to your heart

Hand the hand to a hand

Give respect and bend

Don’t bend too low

Or your ass you might show

But surely be true to your soul

To be in control

It is out of control

So to you my brother and sister

These are my thoughts to register

I’m a dreamer

A sucker for life

In love with love

I’m a sinner

Desiring for more

I want you to know

Living life it ain’t a chore

Awaken we grow

Make it memorable

This is your show!!!

Unknown date and time

Lion Harp

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