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   A bit about my music: In 2016 I left on a journey that forever changed my life. Looking for independency as a musician and in combination with my love and passion for traveling, I decided to buy a van to travel around the US playing music on the streets. The major goal was to live present in the moment, facing and overcoming the challenges of busking, and to craft my sound as a live looping harmonica artist. After 6 months on the road I returned to LA, back to living in my sailboat where I recorded my first EP called DREAMS.


DREAMS was released in 2018. At that time, I was inspired by live looping musicians like Dub Fx and Tash Sultana. All the sounds you hear in my EP, besides my beatboxing and singing, are made from the harmonica being played through effects. Together with the lyrics, the results are trippy and psychedelic songs meant to elevate the soul into a journey of self empowerment through the sounds of the harp.

“I am a Lion in search of Zion”

is the driving force that keeps me inspired to keep on going

and enjoying the journey in following my