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The Lady, The Lion and Mr. Milton.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

It’s 6:05 in the morning

And the words in my brain

Are just pouring

A mix of feelings

Anxiety and desires

I am always in search of elevating higher

Laying on my back

In this bed made of facts

My soul knocks in the walls of my body

My limitations are part of my story

But I walk the walk with my mind always aiming for glory

Fears, come to scare me

But they soon disappear

Oh lord, blink blink

Down in my face rolls the tears

A mix of colors is poured into the canvas

My lady transcends into her art

Free, her wings spread apart

It was all meant to be from the start

I am here now

In a little more peace

The path I’ve taken, nothing but bliss

When thirsty I look for your kiss

Time has passed

As it never stops

I haven’t written much on the paper

But in my brain words roll like rocks

Yeses and Yeses

Noes and Noes

Don’t listen to nobody over your soul

A heart full of love

And a smile is more important than gold

Little by little

The story to be told

Definitely my body grows old

Present me a plan for freedom and I am sold

It’s 6:20 am now

And I don’t know how

All these words came about

I sure miss expressing myself more

In the past weekend

I played my harps loud from the core

This is a lifestyle not a chore

I live free undoubtedly

Every damn day hungry for more

The world, I want to explore

Build this lovely bus to live in

Take my Phinny to Brazil

In the hands of my family I will give it in

Every day a new begin

I flip thoughts that come from within

But rest assure I don’t vibe in the negativity that lures

I am here to empower you and I

Mr. Milton looks me dead in the eyes

He knows well this is our time

Gypsy souls flowing around the globe

Once again we live experiences

That become the stories to be told

Art is the key that sets us free

I am you and you are me

Love one another

We are all sisters and brothers

Fathers and sons

Mothers and daughters

Family above all

Divided we fall

Together we are all

Your dreams my dreams

I enable you to enable me

I believe in you as you believe in me

I trust you and you trust me

Together as one we are free.

Been away too long since I wrote a poem, but here next to my lady I am home. Free to let my words speak for me. I am ready as I always been. Let’s roam around the world free, us three. We all have new places to see.

6:43 am


44 navy, apt #12

Our time is here.

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