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Let it out

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Physically speaking

I feel pretty normal

Considering all the not normal things that are happening

Mentally speaking

I am in the same smooth ride I’ve been for years

Since I started writing my thoughts to paper

Sunny or rainy days

No matter what the outside conditions are

The inside pretty much stays in the same flow

And I must admit

I find a lot of joy

In experiencing changes

Therefore I have more to write about

A tip

Don’t go crazy

Let those thoughts out

When the pen hits the paper

The healing process starts

Dont regulate just let it flow

It might not make any sense at all afterwards

But the magic exists in purging whats not necessary

Consider the paper your best therapist

The paper knows how to listen... is coming together

I am stoked in having a blog to share my daily random thoughts with you all


3:18pm grassy patch

Navy living

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