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Jeferson Florisbal Lima, a.k.a Lion Harp, is a Brazilian-American, World-Traveling, Live-Looping Harmonica Player and Poet. He aims to cause an impact in this world through his music and eloquent poetry. A nature lover, surfer and skater, he is passionate about living a true life and hopes to inspire others to listen to their inner voice and follow their dreams. 

He left Brazil in 2003 and moved to California where he found himself living among musicians who inspired him to make music and pick up the Harmonica. He dedicated many years to learning the instrument well and soon began to play with bands and tour.

After learning about @DubFx and his looping skills, he envisioned a future and inspired to become a one-man-band by looping the sounds of the harp.

In 2015 he left on his first solo tour, living in a van and busking the streets of the U.S. After 6 months on the road he returned to California to live in his sailboat where he recorded his EP titled “Dreams” and published a book of poems titled “The Transformation of a Cat into a Lion" which is available on Amazon. After the release of the EP and the book, he left the U.S. to go busk the streets of Europe, once again living in a van and truly experiencing life as it comes.

A quote from his book, “I am a Lion in search of Zion. I shall not rest till I finish my quest” is the true representation of his perseverance and hard work to share his message of love, self empowerment and encouragement.

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