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Hi folks,


My name is Jeferson Lima, I am currently living in a self converted school bus with my partner Hannah Penninger, traveling around the US photographing its beauty and the beauty of the people we come across. 


My particular approach to photography is in Fine Art Photography. Be in the beauty of a landscape photo, a lifestyle random moment captured or an elaborated portrait session, every click on the shutter for me has a purpose and this purpose is to make compelling art through my images. Art that tell a story, provoke feelings, thoughts and inspire action. 


From the planning of taking a photo, through the editing process, to a final Fine Art Print, every step is so important to me, every detail observed is applied through the development of the image to finally deliver the story that needs to be told. 


Please get in touch if you would like to work with me.



Jeferson Lima 

Lion Harp Photography

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